The Coalition for Recreational Trails (CRT) has once again issued a call for nominations for outstanding projects that utilized funds from the Recreational Trails Program (RTP).  Please read the letter below and if you are aware of any completed award worthy RTP projects click here to fill out a nomination form by July 31.  The CRT not only recognizes great projects, it also raises the profile of RTP on Capitol

One of the great things about OHV recreation is that we can get outdoors, often far from services.  Many of us love to take our machines deep in the backcountry to escape our day-to-day routines.  Of course, this sort of recreation requires responsibility.  We should wear appropriate safety gear, recreate responsibly, travel with others and plan ahead.  But, despite our best effort incidents happen.  Even incidents that may be unrelated

The Oregon Motorcycle Riders Association (OMRA) has undertaken a systematic effort to develop documents related to OHV volunteer efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.  OMRA shared its results with NOHVCC and has provided the documents for other OHV clubs and associations to learn/borrow from as they develop protocols of their own.  NOHVCC recognizes that there are many variables in play when organizations seek to develop COVID-19 protocols including variance in state

NOHVCC’s webinar series continues– join us on August 11!   Title: Industry Update From The Motorcycle Industry Council Motorcycle Industry Council’s President and CEO Erik Pritchard will be joined by MIC’s Senior Vice President, Government Relations, Scott Schloegel as they provide an update on the state of the powersports industry.  Topics will include vehicle sales, market realities, ongoing efforts by MIC and current government relations issues and opportunities.  You do

Each of us has been at an event (OHV or otherwise) and seen branded flashlights, pocketknives, fidget spinners, coloring books, pens, bags, and any number of other giveaways to attract our attention.  The purpose of these items in some settings is simply to draw attendees over in hopes of an ensuing conversation.  But sometimes these take-home items have another purpose – education through messaging contained on or within the items

For NOHVCC’s Guidelines For Those Who Choose To Ride During “Social Distancing,” click here. See press release from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation below: IRVINE, CA – Off-highway motorcycle sales shot up 18.9 percent in the first quarter of the year, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council, which means more Americans are eager to get out and ride. And off-road riding can be the perfect social-distancing activity with family. With the

Please see press release about ‘National Trail Clean-Up Day’ (July 18-19) below: A collection of off-road enthusiasts and off-roading organizations are launching a ‘National Trail Clean-Up Day,’ which has been scheduled for the weekend of July 18-19. As part of her duties with SEMA’s Truck and Off-Road Alliance (TORA) Council, Wendy Miles of THE SHOP recently had the opportunity to talk to Matt Martelli, CEO and co-owner of The Mint

Please see information provided by Ride With Respect Executive Director, Clif Koontz below: Until Sunday, July 12th, Utah State Parks is accepting applications to fill a new position that will oversee the state’s expansion of off-highway vehicle grants. Filling this position with a high-quality professional will be vital for recreation on public lands across the state of Utah. Please apply or encourage other qualified candidates to do so. A background

Recently the “Bearded Jeeper” shared a video highlighting abandoned vehicle removal that he and other volunteers performed in New Hampshire.  His messaging in the video was clear – if we take care of the trails we love, we will have them to recreate on for years into the future.  If we do not, we will face closures.  The Bearded Jeeper said, ‘It is the responsibility of every one of us

As we approach the Holiday weekend, NOHVCC reminds everyone to recreate safely and responsibly.  Millions of Americans will seek to get outdoors this weekend and many of you will join them by participating in OHV recreation.  Now perhaps more than ever, connecting with the outdoors and our families is vitally important.  But we now need to be concerned with traditional OHV safe and responsible use as well as take precautions