This survey aims to quantify the capacity of the trails community to build, maintain, and develop trails now, and to provide input to GAOA and LWCF funding. From our partners with American Trails: Between May 13th and 30th, 2020, American Trails conducted the first “Shovel-ready” survey in attempt to document the contribution the trails community can make to the American economic response to and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. We

Great Trails: Providing Quality OHV Trails and Experiences authored by Dick Dufourd and published by NOHVCC has been internationally recognized as the must-have guidebook for OHV trails and provides the curriculum for NOHVCC’s Great Trails workshops. Click here to download the book or to order a hard copy for $30. NOHVCC’s Great Trails Workshops focus on the design, layout, construction, maintenance and management of sustainable Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) trails. Hands-on

The American Motorcyclist Association announced last week that Paul Slavik has been recognized with the AMA Dud Perkins Lifetime Achievement Award.  AMA described the award as acknowledging “…the highest level of service to the AMA in any area of activity.” NOHVCC salutes the AMA for recognizing Paul.  NOHVCC’s Executive Director, Duane Taylor, said, “Paul was instrumental in starting NOHVCC, has been a tireless advocate for OHV recreation, is a great

Note: This webinar is hosted by American Trials and is not part of NOHVCC’s ongoing webinar series. Title: From Industrial Site to Trail Destination Date: Thursday, February 4, 2021 Time: 10:00am-11:30am Pacific (1:00pm-2:30pm Eastern) Price: FREE Learn more and register here Thank You Sponsors! Thanks to a generous sponsorship from South Carolina Department Parks, Recreation, and Tourism, this webinar is free to the public. We also want to thank additional

Brian Dilenge did not have a particular project in mind when he invited disparate groups of outdoor recreation enthusiasts to sit down at a table in 2019. He just knew that it was time for motorized and non-motorized groups to start working together to create better opportunities for everyone. He had seen it work before during his time working on the Salmon-Challis National Forest, and he knew that there were

NOHVCC’s webinar series continues– join us on January 27!   Title: Opening An OHV Park A Short Drive From Urban Areas – A Case Study Of The Holly Oaks ORV Park In Michigan Jon Noyes, Principal Planner, Oakland County, Parks and Recreation will present a case study of how the Holly Oaks ORV Park in Michigan went from dream to reality.  Holly Oaks ORV Park is about a one-hour drive

Greetings and Happy Holidays to all! Hopefully, we will all be able to safely enjoy the Holidays with our family and friends (however that might be possible).  The new year is just around the corner – with any luck it will be quite a bit easier for everyone than 2020. In a strange year – NOHVCC was able to move forward despite the constraints we all faced.  Looking ahead to

2020 was a trying year for everyone.  Thanks to the commitment of NOHVCC’s Board of Directors, staff, and partners, NOHVCC was able to navigate the myriad challenges of 2020 and be prepared for a strong reentry to normalcy once the time comes. As everyone is well-aware, in-person conferences, meetings and workshops have been nearly completely halted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  NOHVCC staff has leaned into this challenge

2020 has been an unusual and trying year for everyone, yet NOHVCC has engaged partners to try and continue to bring you best practices from throughout the OHV community.  If you missed anything or want to revisit some of our articles from the past year here is your opportunity! Arizona State Parks And Trails Hosts Awesome Veterans Ride Inspired By NOHVCC Webinar! On October 1, 2019 NOHVCC hosted a webinar

Please see notice below for information on a unique employment opportunity in outdoor recreation. Teanaway Recreation Specialist / Natural Resource Specialist 3 Southeast Region – Ellensburg Recruitment # 2020-11-3347 This is a full-time, permanent, represented position. Want to join something GREAT and make a difference? Are you interested in working in a position that leaves a lasting impact on outdoor recreation in eastern Washington? Do you enjoy working in a