NOHVCC Management Solutions Access to on-the-ground expertise for land managers

NOHVCC Management Solutions (NMS) is designed to work in cooperation and partnership with land management agencies, land owners, and OHV enthusiasts to improve management of OHV recreation on federal, state, county, city and private lands by providing expertise in a variety of areas that will result in higher quality recreational experiences for OHV riders and improved resource protection.  NMS was developed in a partnership between NOHVCC, the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA) and the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA).

NMS’ primary role in the partnerships will be advisory and should not be seen by our partners as a source of funding for OHV management.  Instead, NMS is a partner in finding specific solutions: the right expertise, guidance, and resources to solve challenges related to OHV management. Funding and human resources for implementation of recommendations will be addressed by NMS working with partners to form alliances with clubs, associations, and volunteer organizations; develop grant requests; improve the competitive standing of projects in the agency budget processes; and other grant and funding opportunities.

Some of the types of assistance offered by NMS include:

  • Guidance through the RMP and/or travel management process
  • Evaluation of areas, routes, and other natural and cultural resources influenced by the route to determine suitability of the routes for inclusion in a motorized route system
  • Route Inventory and GIS guidance
  • Training for agency staff on OHV management principles and practices
  • Sign Plans and signing techniques
  • Educational and outreach techniques
  • Effective mapping techniques and design
  • Trail layout, design, construction
  • Expertise on mitigating impacts to wildlife
  • Expertise on mitigating impacts to cultural resources
  • Volunteer development, coordination, and management
  • Establishing and improving relationships with organized and informal OHV organizations
  • Master plan creation

As a non-profit organization, NOHVCC can work with agencies to get trails on the ground faster and more economically than would be possible if the agencies use internal staff or go through a procurement process.

NMS is designed to work closely with OHV enthusiasts in any area necessary.  The goal is to create working partnerships between agencies and stakeholders to create buy-in and move projects forward.

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