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This page contains the Newsletter from 2016

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August 2016


  • There’s No “Powder Puffing” In Women’s Racing, Says Long-Time AMA Announcer
  • NOHVCC Reaches Out To Youth With One Million Adventure Trail Activity Books
  • These Pennsylvania ATV Clubs Are Building Membership And Volunteerism
  • You’ve Survived Off-Road Crashes. But What About Computer Crashes?
  • Mixed Gear Bag



July 2016


  • Three Great Resources For Converting Old Roads To New Trails
  • Mentoring At The Club Level Leads To A Trail Of OHV Benefits
  • This Club’s Safety Gear Includes AEDs And Trauma Kits
  • ATV Clubs Adjusting To Influx Of Side-by-Sides
  • Mixed Gear Bag



 June 2016


  • Great Trails Workshops Energize Agencies And Enthusiasts In Montana, Minnesota
  • “Great Trails” Book, And Iowa Trail System Based On It, Win CRT Awards
  • Workshop Sets The Foundation For New ATV Club To Build Great Trails
  • Woodticks & Dirt Snacks: The Lighter Side Of NOHVCC Workshops
  • Mixed Gear Bag



May 2016


  • The essence of a Great Trail is: WOW!
  • This ATV Training Course Simulates New Mexico’s Terrain, Complete With Noisy Bridge
  • This Side-by-Side Group Has No Officers, No Bylaws...And 470 Members
  • Mentoring is a Key For New WI OHM Law and All Organizations
  • Mixed Gear Bag



April 2016


  • NOHVCC & Back Country Horsemen Present Webinar On Preventing Trail Conflict
  • What It Took To Get A Unanimous Vote On Wisconsin’s Motorcycle Sticker Program
  • What 27 State And Federal Workers Told Us About Their Jobs And Their Rides
  • New Havasu Side-by-Side Club Is On The Fast Track To Success
  • Mixed Gear Bag



March 2016


  • Wisconsin’s OHM Riders Jump Into Sticker Program, Thanks To ‘Leap Year Day’ Legislation
  • National Travel Management Program Manager Deals With OHVs, OSVs...And Segways?
  • Before You Twist The Throttle, Turn The Pages On “The Total Dirt Rider Manual”
  • Experience, Expertise and Enthusiasm. That’s What These Program Managers Have In Common
  • Mixed Gear Bag



February 2016


  • 14-Club Partnership Working To Create 750-Mile Arizona Peace Trail
  • New OHV Association Is Major Resource For Central Oregon Clubs & Riders
  • These State And Federal Workers Use All Their Outdoor Skills To Advance OHV Recreation
  • The Trouble with Photos (and Videos)
  • Mixed Gear Bag



January 2016


  • Revitalizing Its Trail Systems And Motocross Track Turned Gallup Into “Adventure Capitol of New Mexico”
  • Be More Proactive In Your OHV Advocacy, Grab Some New NOHVCC “Tools”
  • Spotlighting Kevin Johnson, Assistant Area Supervisor, MN DNR Parks & Trails
  • Being On the Net Can Help Your Club or Association
  • Mixed Gear Bag



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