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New Intern At NOHVCC

by Russ Ehnes, NOHVCC Executive Director

 Tom Covert, NOHVCC's 2010 summer internStarting Monday, May 17, 2010, Tom Covert will join the NOHVCC staff in Great Falls as a summer intern. Tom has a degree in Ecology and Evolution with a Minor in Political Sciences from Montana State University. Tom is currently taking classes required to apply to Graduate School where he will work toward a Masters Degree in Natural Resource Conservation.


Tom served one tour of duty in Iraq and one tour in Afghanistan with the First Marine Division prior to starting his education at MSU.


Tom has an extensive background in OHV riding and advocacy. His parents, Russ Ehnes in his youth and Tom Covert as a small boyDave and Cathy Covert, have been involved in Montana OHV advocacy since the mid 1980&39#;s. Tom began helping with trail projects as a young boy and has been involved in projects and commenting on travel plans since he was a teenager. Tom served as a seasonal Trail Ranger for the Great Falls Trail Bike Riders Association clearing trail and maintenance through the summer of 2009.


Tom will be working with the NOHVCC staff to update and organize the OHV information library and will assist on various projects. Tom will attend events with NOHVCC staff and will assist in conference planning and implementation.



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Sam Houston Trails Coalition

by Jack Terrell, NOHVCC Senior Project Coordinator


Trail Construction in Sam Houston National ForestRecreation enthusiast groups and individual trail users have launched a collaborative effort to work with the US Forest Service to plan, develop, and maintain a comprehensive and sustainable trail network on the Sam Houston National Forest, located north of Houston, Texas. The coalition is the result of months of dialogue between motorized and non-motorized trail groups, and the US Forest Service. The coalition&39#;s immediate objectives are the development of a Master Trail Plan and working together to secure funding and volunteer support to construct, operate and maintain the trail system. Public outreach and education programs also will be priority items for the group.


Two Texas motorized trail organizations familiar to all who attended the 2009 NOHVC Conference in Houston, the Trail Riders of Houston and the Texas Motorized Trails Coalition, are heavily involved with the effort. NOHVCC&39#;s Texas Associate State Partner, Tony Eeds, has been at the forefront of the effort, and reports that "it has been a perfect opportunity to bring various viewpoints of a diverse group of trail enthusiasts to the table with the USFS."


NOHVCC Executive Director, Russ Ehnes, observed that "In today&39#;s climate of limited budgets, public agencies such as the Sam Houston National Forest need cooperative partnerships and support groups such as the Sam Houston Trail Coalition to provide quality recreation opportunities to the public."


If you do not have such a cooperative partnership with your local land management agency you need to form one. NOHVCC can provide numerous tools to assist you in this effort. Contact us at or 800-348-6487.



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Have Trails, Get Awards

by Karen Umphress, NOHVCC Project Coordinator


American Trails AwardThe American Trails National Trails Symposium is a biennial trails conference that brings together people who are interested in trails, regardless of the form of recreation. During their symposium, they give out trails awards.


There are 2 types of awards. The first are the State Awards. There will be a Trail Advocacy and a Trail Worker award selected for each state, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The other type of trails awards are the national awards which go to only 1 person throughout the nation in each of the trail categories.






The national awards categories are:

  • Best Trails State
  • Trails for Health
  • Lifetime Service
  • Partnership
  • Trails Public Service
  • Community Service
  • Outstanding Media
  • Trails and the Arts
  • Planning/Design
  • Corporate
  • State-Of-The-Art Technology
  • Outstanding Trail Sharing
  • Kids and Trails


To nominate your trails, your favorite trail worker, the agency person who helps you, etc, go to the American Trails website. Nominations are due by June 30th, which will be here before you know it.



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DVD Distribution Update

by Karen Umphress, NOHVCC Project Coordinator


While it will be hard for any state to beat out Minnesota with their long lead, the gauntlet has been accepted by many states and the race for second place is on and still achievable. There have been several states moving up in the ranks during the past month. Most notably, are Florida, New Jersey, and Montana who moved up from the lower mid-pack to positions, overtaken Iowa, and are now in positions 4, 5, and 6 respectively.


Or can you overtake Minnesota?


The April Newsletter edition will continue to be updated so you may check back to see your current position. Remember, you only have about 3 months to improve your state's position.



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