Put Positive OHV Recreation Messages Into Your Schools

NOHVCC has created a partnership with an organization called School Media.  School Media works with school districts around the country to put positive messages regarding health, education, nutrition, and safety into schools on just about any surface, including lockers, hallways, gymnasiums, and more.   

SM stay on trail poster on high school wallThe formula for success is: You provide the funding, NOHVCC provides the banners, and School Media gets them into the schools.

Costs for setting the banners up in your schools are dependent upon the size and location of the banners.  Some of the funding goes to School Media for their operations and some of the funding goes to the schools.  There are several different ways in which you can help get funding for these banners.  See our funding page for ideas. 

We put in plenty of room for logos and website for your organization and any funding partners.

NOHVCC has created several message banners that deal with safe and responsible OHV riding.  There are 3 categories of banners: Adventure Trail, Training, and Responsible Riding.  See our banners page for the designs.

The banner designs are varied, vibrant, friendly, in-your-face, off-the-wall, family-oriented, colorful.  Did we say 'varied'?  There are plenty to choose from to fit the needs of your community and your school.  The hardest thing you will have to do is choose which one you want to use.

To get the banners in your schools, simply work with School Media to determine which schools are set up for the banners in your area.  School Media continues to add more school districts so some schools might be in process for set up or School Media may work to try to set up your targets schools if it is not already in the works.  

This is a very simple way to get the positive message out to the most difficult demographic to reach, kids and tweens.  And getting the correct messages out to this group will pay dividends towards creating a positive future for OHV recreation.  Don't underestimate the value these banners will bring in getting positive images of OHV recreation in front of the general public!  Use these posters and make a difference in your community.

Here is how to contact School Media:
8560 Cottonwood St NW
Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55433

Or, as always, you can contact us with questions at trailhead@nohvcc.org or by calling us at 800-348-6487.