Web based on-line seminars, or webinars, are available from NOHVCC.

NOHVCC friends in front of computersNOHVCC is creating a full selection of webinars which will include training for government agency personnel, for OHV enthusiasts, and for others concerned with the safe and responsible use of off-highway vehicles on sustainable trail systems and areas. The first set of webinars, the Public Land Advocacy webinar series is now available. Additional webinar sessions are being developed.


The first set of webinars is for OHV riders and anyone interested in OHV land use. They are designed to give riders the skills they'll need to keep trails open in their areas and to assist government agency personnel in developing and maintaining sustainable OHV trail systems and areas. Each session is approximately 2 - 3 hours long and is conducted by the same OHV management experts who conduct NOHVCC's on-site workshops.


NOHVCC would like to thank the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America (SVIA), and the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA) who made possible the creation of the webinars.


NOHVCC would also like to thank the Yamaha OHV Access Initiative program for making possible the delivery of the webinars.


Public Land Advocacy Webinar Series

The Public Land Advocacy webinar series consists of 4 modules.  They are:

  • Module 1 Route Designation: How Did We Get Here? (2 hours) This module will help people understand the process required for land planning, focuses on the US Forest Service Process, but the basics can be applied to any government agency. The course also discusses the US Forest Service Travel Management Rule, its implementation so far, and how to apply it going forward; as well as the US Forest Service structure.
  • Module 2 Trail System Planning Part 1 (3 hours) This module will help riders and land managers understand how to plan, design, manage, and maintain trail systems that meet the riders' needs by providing high quality and adequate quantities of trails. The module will start with an introduction to OHV recreationists as it is hard to plan a trail to fit their needs if you don?t know what their needs are. It will then talk about the basic principles of OHV trail system planning before going into details on what is required to plan a sustainable trail system.
  • Module 3 Trail System Planning Part 2 (2.5 hours) This module starts with an overview of what was learned in module 2. It then goes into detail regarding trail maintenance, monitoring, and signing requirements. The details will instruct the land manager in various techniques to meet their needs and give the recreationists information regarding how they can assist the land managers with these trail requirements.
  • Module 4 Making It Work: Where Do We Go From Here? (2.5 hours) The module will help riders understand how to be effective in their efforts to influence the decisions that will determine where they can ride. It will give concrete examples of how to work effectively with land managers and make comments during the agency process. The module will also spend time looking at 4 areas where the design, planning, and implementation of the principles conveyed in earlier modules have worked to create successful trail systems. The module closes with ideas for both the enthusiasts and the land managers to move forward to create the sustainable OHV trail systems.


The Public Land Advocacy webinar series qualifies for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) .

NOHVCC has teamed up with the Marshall Community & Technical College, an affiliate of Marshall University, to provide continuing education units for professionals. There are 2 packages available for the CEUs.

  • Webinar Series Package: This package will allow you to receive the full CEU consisting of 10 contact hours for 1 administration fee of $10.00.
  • Individual Sessions: If you need the CEU credit before completing the entire series, you may receive a partial CEU for each course for a $5.00 administration fee per course. No certificates will be issued until the course(s) is completed.


To sign up for the CEUs (webinar registration is separate), go to the MCTC website and add the NOHVCC sessions into your cart. MCTC will process the application and send you the appropriate certificates for the sessions. Then choose the sessions you which to attend by registering for the specific session dates and times listed on this web page below. If no sessions are currently available, you may contact the NOHVCC staff at trailhead@nohvcc.org, or check back to see if new sessions have been added.

While you are at it, check out the other CEU courses offered by MCTC.


Additional References 

The Webinar Schedule page lists the open webinar sessions and contains the links for registration.

The Webinar Presentation page lists the presentations used in the webinar sessions and has them available for download in a pdf format.