Thanks to funding from the North Dakota Department of Parks and Recreation – OHV Program, NOHVCC will be leading an OHV training workshop to educate and benefit the State’s off highway vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts, OHV club members, land managers, and other OHV stakeholders. These trainings will be focused on the development of sustainable trails and trail partnerships. This two-day training will consist of one classroom day and one field day.

Please see below information from Minnesota DNR Parks & Trail Central Office about an open job opportunity. To view the announcement on the Minnesota Careers site (includes all links and information on how to apply) click here and perform a keyword search for the Job ID which is 45564. Job Class:  Natural Resources Program Consultant Working Title:  OHV Program Consultant Who May Apply:  Open to all qualified job seekers Date

Off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation not only requires access to OHV trails, areas and systems, but also people to manage and provide for the use.  As a result, NOHVCC wanted to make a small investment in the future by offering a $1,000 scholarship to an individual pursuing a career in the outdoors.  We were searching for an ideal candidate who will follow a course of study that is intended to lead

As people seek ways to get outdoors during the time of social distancing OHV use is welcoming many new enthusiasts to our family.  But when new members are added to our ranks it is important to ensure that everyone understands and applies important safe and responsible use practices.  One gross and troubling issue that seems to be causing problems is how best to deal with human waste.  While visibly damaging

For NOHVCC’s Guidelines For Those Who Choose To Ride During “Social Distancing,” click here. See press release from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation below: IRVINE, CA – Off-highway motorcycle sales shot up 18.9 percent in the first quarter of the year, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council, which means more Americans are eager to get out and ride. And off-road riding can be the perfect social-distancing activity with family. With the

June 7-13, 2020 is National Trailer Safety Week.  NOHVCC will share safe towing, loading, unloading and driving techniques throughout the week. Thanks to Polaris for sharing the article. Whether you’re traveling to a jobsite, a trailhead, or a favorite hunting ground, transporting your ATV or UTV plays a big part in using your vehicle. Mastering how to load, secure and unload it is an art unto itself. Selecting the proper

June 7-13, 2020 is National Trailer Safety Week.  NOHVCC will share safe towing, loading, unloading and driving techniques throughout the week. Thanks to Polaris for sharing the article below. The best part about owning a UTV is taking it out on those muddy backwoods trails, twisting sand dunes, and stair-stepped rock ledges. But for many of us who don’t live on a spacious countryside property, we don’t have the ability

Please help American Trails and Trails Move People (TMP) identify “shovel-ready” trail projects across the country.  See information provided by American Trails below: The trails community is working to quantify the amount, diversity, and location of “shovel-ready” trail projects across the country. We need this information to effectively advocate for inclusion of trails in the federal economic response to COVID-19. The information you provide will help to mobilize trail projects,

As NOHVCC interacts with OHV enthusiasts and managers across the country the most common request we hear is for access to high-quality maps. Many trail managers, companies, and clubs have recognized this need and have created resources to attempt to meet demand. A common approach to providing maps and similar information is to create an application (app) or website through which enthusiasts can download, upload, or access electronic maps. Electronic

NOHVCC continues its free webinar series on Wednesday, May 20 at 8:00PM Eastern with Preparing for the Long Haul – Be Prepared for Your Next Off-Highway Adventure. This unique webinar will feature a conversation with Eric Anderson from ROXOR, Mahindra Automotive North America and ROXOR Adventure Magazine, who will discuss how to prepare and pack your vehicle for any situation that may occur on long trips. Eric has been an