Great Trails: Providing Quality OHV Trails and Experiences authored by Dick Dufourd and published by NOHVCC has been internationally recognized as the must-have guidebook for OHV trails and provides the curriculum for NOHVCC’s Great Trails workshops. Click here to download the book or to order a hard copy for $30. NOHVCC’s Great Trails Workshops focus on the design, layout, construction, maintenance and management of sustainable Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) trails. Hands-on

NOHVCC has created a webpage with educational messaging aimed at renters of ROVS. If you know of any ROV rental companies that could use this messaging please pass this article along. The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC), a nonprofit public benefit organization primarily funded by MIC, SVIA and ROHVA exists to create a positive future for OHV Recreation.  To further this mission NOHVCC, as a national body of OHV

Recently the “Bearded Jeeper” shared a video highlighting abandoned vehicle removal that he and other volunteers performed in New Hampshire.  His messaging in the video was clear – if we take care of the trails we love, we will have them to recreate on for years into the future.  If we do not, we will face closures.  The Bearded Jeeper said, ‘It is the responsibility of every one of us

Please help American Trails and Trails Move People (TMP) identify “shovel-ready” trail projects across the country.  See information provided by American Trails below: The trails community is working to quantify the amount, diversity, and location of “shovel-ready” trail projects across the country. We need this information to effectively advocate for inclusion of trails in the federal economic response to COVID-19. The information you provide will help to mobilize trail projects,

NOHVCC continues its free webinar series on Wednesday, May 20 at 8:00PM Eastern with Preparing for the Long Haul – Be Prepared for Your Next Off-Highway Adventure. This unique webinar will feature a conversation with Eric Anderson from ROXOR, Mahindra Automotive North America and ROXOR Adventure Magazine, who will discuss how to prepare and pack your vehicle for any situation that may occur on long trips. Eric has been an

NYPUM: “Where the youth of America can realize their full potential through mentorship, team building and self-development. All while learning the skills to enjoy safe and exciting off-road riding.” If you have attended one of the last few NOHVCC Annual Conferences, chances are you had the opportunity to hear directly from some of the organizers of the National Youth Project Using Minibikes (NYPUM).  This outstanding organization is celebrating its 50th

Over 100 OHV enthusiasts participated in NOHVCC’s annual Mobile Workshop in advance of the 2019 NOHVCC Annual Conference in Reno, Nevada. The day started early in Reno with participants finalizing registration and boarding a bus from the host hotel to the Prison Hill Recreation Area. Once there, the enthusiasts were separated into several groups to go for a ride which included stops for information about the local riding area, a

Many OHV clubs and associations are 501 (C) (3) not-for-profit organizations as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  This designation comes with all sorts of advantages including eligibility for many grant programs, but these advantages come with some limitations particularly when it comes to lobbying.  Lobbying is an important component to effective advocacy in support of creating a positive future for OHV recreation, so it is important to know

Long-time friend of NOHVCC Max Reid recently sent us some information about a National Trails Day project we had to share. For those who don’t know Max, he retired from the Forest Service ten years ago, but his passion for OHV recreation and the Paiute Trail in Utah remain strong. One of his first days on the job with the Fishlake National Forest Max was told he would be the

Photo provided by Anthony Carrino

As a continuation of the strong existing partnership between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and NOHVCC, the two organizations have been working cooperatively to develop a website that features the best OHV recreation areas managed by the BLM. NOHVCC worked with our State Partners to create a list of the best OHV areas managed by the BLM and to collect mapping data.  This information will be used to develop