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Trail Building Machine

The heart of any trail organization is the trails.  And NOHVCC is no different.  Trails are what we want and what we work to have.  And not just any trails, we want high quality, fun, and sustainable trails.  We created this page to help you acheive the goal of excellent trails via trail building.  It has links to everything that you need.  Really.



American Trails and the National Trails Training Partnership

This organization is an excellent source of trail related information.  It is the single-best source for information about any type of trail training.


The Professional Trailsbuilders Association

This is a group that is totally focused on trails and trail buidling.  You will find contractors, partners, and so much more.


College-level OHV Recreation Management Courses

Marshall University Statue

The only college-level course series of its kind is offered at Marshall University in West Virginia. It consists of four different classes which are available either on-line or at the University.






The NOHVCC Library

Check out the following NOHVCC Library sections for a multitude of documents related to trailbuilding.

NOHVCC Library; OHV Management

NOHVCC Library; OHV Environmental Impact


One of our favorites is the classic A Guide to Off-Road Motorcycle Trail Design and Construction by Joe Wernex which was produced by the American Motorcyclist Association. This guide is intended to assist in the design and construction of off-road motorcycle trails. It is aimed at developing trails and trail systems in forested, mountainous terrain. However, many of the techniques described can be used wherever trail bike recreation is planned for and managed.  Download PDF file.

  • Another great resource for trailbuiding publications is the combined offerings from the USDA, US Forest Service, and the Missoula Technology and Development Center.
  • In addition the US Forest Service offers an excellent  DVD called "Building Mountain Bike Trails: Sustainable Singletrack". Many of the applications will apply to off-highway motorcycle trails. It is available through FHWA's Recreational Trails Program Publications Order form on their web site


OHV Park Guidelines Manual

OHV Park Guidelines by George Fogg

If you are developing or even thinking of developing an OHV Park, you will love this book.  It is an extensive 200-page illustrated book with everything you need to know about planning, implementing, and running an OHV riding park, including the questions you didn't know you should ask. 







Management Guidelines for OHV Recreation

Management Guidelines for OHV recreation

Written primarily for OHV program and land managers, as well as OHV leaders and enthusiasts, this unique resource guide is designed to assist in the planning, development, operation, and maintenance of environmentally sustainable and quality OHV trails, trail systems and areas.







Trail Planning, Design, and Development Guidelines

MN Trail resource guide

This award-winning 300-page spiral-bound publication, several years in the making, provides a first-ever comprehensive how-to guidebook for developing all types of recreational trails. These best practices for professional trail builders are intended to aid Minnesota land managers in applying new, innovative, and environmentally sustainable approaches to trail planning, design and construction; but the concepts in the volume will work for any area or trail system.