Equipping You with the Right Tools

One of our main goals is to help you be as effective as possible.  In order to help achieve this goal, we take information that we have found, enhanced, or created so that you don't have to spend your time 'recreating the wheel'.  We call this information tools.  We hope that you find them useful.



OHV Recreation on Wildlife StudyThe NOHVCC Library

An expansive web site devoted to OHV-related literature. An excellent tool for those doing research on OHV issues. Contains sub-directories on OHV Administration, OHV Management, Environmental Impact, Human Dimensions and Miscellaneous.  This is the most comprehensive location for any literature pertaining to Off-Highway Vehicles.  It should be your first stop when looking for any scientific study or research paper.



Rider Resources

This is where our partners work for you, pretty cool idea, huh?  All of the NOHVCC partners participate in teams.  These teams develop ideas for programs, workshops, additional tools, and resources that they think will help you.  The teams are: Education and Youth, Association and Club Development, Private Land Opportunities, Public Land Opportunities, and the NOHVCC Network Development.  Check out the Teams' pages to see what they have been up to for you.



exhaust pipesNOHVCC OHV Sound Resource Page

As you have heard many times (or at least we hope you have heard), sound is one of the main issues that affects where we can ride.  This page is dedicated to providing as much information on sound as possible.  It includes such topics as sound test training, buying a sound meter, and a look at the Sound Advice document drawn up by the OHV industry and advocacy organizations.


2 people showing group how to do hand trail maintenanceNOHVCC Trail Building Resource Page

Tons of information for professional and volunteer trail builders from the premier trail building organizations in the country.





Recreational Trail Program

This grant program is an important source of funding for OHV recreation.  Federal OHV gas tax funds are distributed to states for education, trail maintenance, and other programs.


Insurance Resources

The need for liability insurance has increased.  We pass on insurance contacts that we have regarding where or from whom you can get insurance.  Some state insurance laws are also posted, if we have them.