Park Guidelines for OHVs

OHV Park Guidelines by George FoggThis highly useful manual details the step-by-step process for the development of new OHV Parks for an ever growing population of American OHV riders.  It is also part of the reading requirements for the Marshall University OHV Recreation courses.


One of the most popular “tools” that the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council has to offer has recently gone into its second printing. Entitled Park Guidelines for OHVs, this expansive 200-page illustrated manual is the only publication of its kind and has been used by hundreds of ATV and off-highway motorcycle enthusiasts, agencies, and land managers since it was first published in 2002.


Nila Armstrong, Streams and Trails Specialist for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, was one of the first land managers to obtain a copy of the Park Guidelines. "I found the book to be extremely valuable for our project," says Armstrong, who was the main driving force behind the creation of a new OHV park in southern Indiana called Redbird State Riding Area (SRA) in 2003. "We found the OHV user survey in the appendix especially helpful as a starting point for developing the park. The marketing tips for dealing with the public and various state lawmakers was also a 'must-have' as far as I'm concerned."


Professional trail designer Troy Scott Parker from Boulder, Colorado utilized Park Guidelines to help develop the Rock Run Recreation Area in west central Pennsylvania. "I got the manual from the NOHVCC because I didn't know anything about OHV trails or parks when I first started the Rock Run project," says Parker, whose main area of expertise at that time was hiking trails. "It's a great resource on what it takes to make an OHV park happen and work. I backed it up by visiting several successful OHV parks throughout the country and that gave me a chance to see all the issues the book talks about firsthand. I could see how reading this book could save people a lot grief before they embark on an OHV park project."



Guidelines Summary:

  • Answers common questions that arise when development of an Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) park is desired or proposed
  • Provides information to the OHV public on the community planning and coalition building necessary to promote local OHV park planning efforts and to develop local public support for the OHV parks
  • Provides information and resources to the OHV public, youth group leaders, and governmental agencies that encourage and assist them in the development of youth activities, safety training, and environmental programs at OHV parks
  • Provides information to assist government agencies and the private sector in planning, designing, funding, operating, and maintaining new OHV parks and upgrading existing parks to meet the needs and desires of the OHV recreation community while addressing environmental and general public concerns
  • Offers ideas, resources, and suggestions to the managing government agencies and private owners of OHV parks that will enhance ongoing activities and encourage development of additional park programs 


The NOHVCC also offers an Urban Park CD which contains a PowerPoint presentation which will assist you when you approach your community, zoning meetings, etc. We also have a list of individuals that have already developed parks are can be contacted if you have specific questions.


Park Guidelines for OHVs by George E. Fogg is one of the few publications from NOHVCC that has a cost ($46 plus shipping and handling). To place orders, contact the NOHVCC home office at 800-348-6487 or e-mail us at