OHV Related Materials

The NOHVCC has created and compiled materials to assist you in your work, to hand out in your booths, to help you educate others, or just to keep you up to speed.  The materials may be ordered from our home office by sending an e-mail to trailhead@nohvcc.org or by calling us at 800-348-6487.  These materials include:



OHV Park Guidelines by George FoggOHV Park Guidelines Manual

If you are developing or even thinking of developing an OHV Park, you will love this book.  It is an extensive 200-page illustrated book with everything you need to know about planning, implementing, and running an OHV riding park, including the answers to questions you didn't know you should ask.



Management Guidelines for OHV recreationManagement Guidelines for OHV Recreation

Written primarily for OHV program and land managers, as well as OHV leaders and enthusiasts, this unique resource guide is designed to assist in the planning, development, operation, and maintenance of environmentally sustainable and quality OHV trails, trail systems, and areas.

MN Trail resource guideTrail Planning, Design, and Development Guidelines


This award-winning 300-page spiral-bound publication provides a first-ever comprehensive how-to guidebook for developing all types of recreational trails. These best practices for professional trail builders are intended to aid Minnesota land managers in applying new, innovative, and environmentally sustainable approaches to trail planning, design and construction; but the concepts in the volume will work for any area or trail system.



Parents ATV riding guideEducational brochures, manuals, pamphlets, DVDs, and PowerPoints

The NOHVCC offers a wide variety of materials that are available for individuals and organizations. Many of the brochures and pamphlets are available in bulk for use at events or along with educational programs.  Most materials are free for the cost of shipping.  Just let us know what you would like to use.



Adventure Trail Cartoon-Stay on the TrailAdventure Trail

An interactive youth program that features trail ethics and safety messages in a fun manner. The books, posters, and CD-ROMs are available to any OHV group, dealer, or land management organization that wishes to utilize it at their events or dealerships.  PS.  The activity books are a great way to entertain youngsters while older people do other things.





OHV club group photoClub Start-Up Kit

 One of the most popular NOHVCC programs, the kit outlines everything you need to know about starting and maintaining a successful dirt bike, ATV or 4x4 riding club, or any other club for that matter.  This informative guide gives guidence for things such as by-laws, your first meeting, choosing a name, electing officers, membership due, and oh so much more.



GPS DVD for Route Inventory

Instructional trailmapping GPS DVD

This instructional DVD provides OHV enthusiasts and professionals with detailed information regarding how to gather OHV route (trail) information using GPS technology, and how to provide that information to the USFS in a format that will be usable by the USFS.





Keyboard with missing keysOur newsletters and press releases

Our press releases and newsletter issues bring you the most pertinent information on our sport.  The information includes everything from fundraising tips, to building your membership, to legislative alerts, to great ideas from other clubs, and more.  See our current and back issues.  Or better yet, subscribe to receive the issues in your inbox to get the information real time.



Nikon CameraMedia Pages

Having difficulty finding great news articles or photos for your newsletter, website, or magazine?  Here is a spot you will love!  We have pre-written articles and photos ready to fill spots in your publications.  Browse our stories and photos for ones that work for you.  Need something specific that you can't find on our site?  Send us a note and we will see if we have something for you.  How is that for easy?  Want even more?  We can usually write custom articles for you.


2018 Minnesota Off-Highway Vehicle Great Trails Workshop

The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) in conjunction with the ATV Association of Minnesota (ATVAM), and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, will be conducting an OHV Great Trails training workshop on April 26-28, 2018. Primary funding for the workshop is provided by a grant from the Federal Highway Administration's, Recreational Trails Program, administered by MN DNR, and awarded to ATVAM. The 3-day workshop will consist of classroom sessions on April 26 at Izatys Resort, 40005 85th Avenue, Onamia, MN, and field sessions on April 27-28 at the Red Top Trailhead.